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what would you like to change, develop, heal, create, manifest?



You can make it much more meaning-, joy- and powerful, develop your creative ideas, clarify and manifest your mission, vision and then take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams and reach your personal & professional goals.

You can go further. I enable you to get there.

Creating the Life you really want

From the Inside out

Working with me you discover and experience that there is a place of profound inner strength and peace within you that is completely independent of and untouched by external or past/future events. You can tap into it and you can root yourself there - now, later, at any time. You can learn to live your life from that place. That is where your true power lies. Don't worry if you think you do not know how to get there - I will show you how. 

Problems, anxiety, anger, habitual thought patterns, worries, self-sabotaging beliefs, negative emotions, painful memories, traumas and so on - they are all layers. I enable you to drop them/peel them back one by one. It is empowering and liberating when that happens. 


And when you do drop them, everything becomes alive and clear: you are at ease -and at peace- with yourself. 

Then your full creativity, power and true potential can unfold.

Working with me you will

  • learn to understand the nature and cause of suffering and thus find greater inner freedom

  • gain deep self-knowledge & become peaceful within and thus more power-, impact- and successful without

  • make significant internal breakthroughs and experience insights & mindshifts that translate directly into positive changes in your external world

  • overcome anxiety, stress, burnout, anger, trauma, ptsd, panic attacks, the pain of challenging memories

  • overcome self-limiting beliefs, liberate yourself from the voice in the back of your mind that tells you you're not enough, not capable/loveable etc.

  • uncover blind spots in your vision, open up and expand your 'map of the world'

  • discover your ability to proactively create options, opportunities & pathways that lie beyond your current thinking

  • seize a crisis as an opportunity for radical reinvention and growth 

  • learn to lean into your fear - often the greatest, if not infallible, indicator of where our true potential lies

  • learn to receive the energy of a problem and engage with it creatively to transform it into resources

  • find, crystallise and speed up the manifestation of your vision, mission, and goals - all the while making sure they are truly aligned with your core, values and passion

  • develop a clear path and take the -perhaps daunting- and most courageous steps that will accelerate your career path and propel you to the next level

  • experience exponential growth and success by powering your work with your passion, joy and playfulness

  • gain greater resilience and the ability to stay calm and level-headed especially in those moments when the external world is stressful, uncertain and fast-changing

  • learn to burn more brightly - without burning out

You know you can go further. I enable you to get there.

Female Dancer

What is it that makes your heart beat faster?


"Passion is the sole, if not the only indicator of talent", writes Marcel Proust. It is also an indicator of where our greatest power lies. When we are not connected to what brings us the greatest excitement, we do damage to ourselves - and often also to the people around us. 


Yet often our passion, talent, dreams, unique potential and best ideas can get stuck in the twilight zone between feeling and fact, between fear and desire, desire and action, between a vague hunch and clear concept, or a challenge and positive change. I step into that twilight zone with you.


Asfinely-tuned sounding board for your thoughts and emotions, I see, focus on and filter for your excitement, unique talents, and potential, and enable you to bring your most inspired/inspiring, authentic and potent ideas from your depth to the surface and manifest them in the external world.



creating the foundation for wellbeing, peak performance & success 

One of the most powerful tools in my toolbox is Wingwave® - a groundbreaking neurological coaching method that combines EMDR (bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation by mimicking rapid eye movement during sleep), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and myostatic testing (a simple muscle test in your hand).  

This unique process allows your unconscious mind and your body to take the lead in the coaching process (instead of the conscious mind or the coach) and pinpoints with unparalleled precision specific unconscious mental stressors (such as memories, thought patterns & the exact origin of negative self-beliefs) that may disrupt, irritate or block your mental/emotional balance and ability to perform - which otherwise could not be identified and accessed - and then reprocesses and removes/releases those stressors and the associated emotions. 

The effect of Wingwave is a profound & long-lasting positive reprogramming of thought patterns and beliefs on an unconscious level. 

Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave creates an optimal state of inner clarity and calm and thus the foundation for success in your external life. 


Wingwave restores your emotional and mental balance and wellbeing, quickly reinstates hope and a sense of inner calm & peace and increases your mental clarity and creativity. 


Wingwave is especially powerful in peak performance scenarios as it unlocks & reinforces your unique talents, qualities, and strengths, amplifies your creative and dormant potential, and enables you to perform at the peak of your ability.


you are the author of your own story. You hold the pen. 
you invent the rules.



Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Lean into the limitlessness of your potential, let the tap overflow - daily and live your passion - fully, be at ease with yourself and be totally authentically, unapologetically: YOU. No. More. Holding. Back.


Too many people live a life full of regret. My clients don't.


This is not for everyone. Deep Coaching is not a quick fix of an isolated topic or issue but about entering into a process of self-inquiry and developing a way of being that reduces suffering and increases your sense of joy, freedom and agency.

I work with heart-driven and passionate people who are ready to invest more than time and money - who are fully committed to profound personal transformation and growth.

I am 100% committed to enabling you to become the happiest and most powerful version of YOU. I require you to be equally 100% committed to this process. I will tell you the 'hard truths' if/when necessary and believe in you when you don't. I will see you, and I listen deeply, carefully, and always without judgment. 


I show up to each session with my whole authentic self: my heart, joy, wisdom, fine-tuned attention, intuition, intellectual acuity, adventurous spirit, playfulness, humour, honesty, passion, compassion and kindness. I am an expert at what I do and I am human. If you are looking for a 'perfect' coach then I am not for you!


To find out about me and my background here.

In my experience, the deep insights and shifts in the state of consciousness that can happen in a coaching session cannot be explained by the methods used and the factual knowledge alone.

To me, coaching is akin to alchemy - it has a magical quality. A change of substance that is achieved through close and refined attention, making everyone involved (including me as a coach) feel more alive and aligned, and in touch with our higher purpose and core state of wholeness - and joy.


It is the power of this core state that I am drawn to, focus on, and work from and towards. 


Wingwave® is an internationally recognised breakthrough technique. Its effectiveness has been scientifically tested and approved by the University of Hamburg, the Hannover Medical School and German Sport University Cologne.

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