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Last week I tried to channel my inner Katniss Everdeen doing archery in a forest in Germany ... it was a fascinating experience and great lesson in the superior intelligence of 'the gut'.

Every time I tried to aim by THINKING about where to aim I missed the target by meters. When after I while I started to let go and began to literally aim 'from my gut' I began to hit the target.

It was a great literal experience of the fact that we do not find and hit our goals on the outside but they ARE instead first of all found WITHIN ...

I wonder - how can I translate this more into my daily life? I find it an interesting meditation to sit with these questions and ask: 'What does my head say?' and "What does my gut say?" - about my personal and professional goals?... about which step to take next?

I notice that my gut usually scans for and finds an element of fun ... ! When I ask my head and try and approach life from a rational angle I lose my inspiration, motivation and sense of enjoyment. But my 'gut' always scans for and suggests options that excite me, that are playful and thus make me jump into action.

I wonder - how could today (with everything that is in my diary) be more fun?


What exactly is it that tends to stop our rational mind and our gut instinct to align and reconcile fully?

When I sit down with a pen and piece of paper and write down how exactly I would approach a specific task, goal or challenge if I followed my (fun-loving) gut ... then ... what transpires immediately is that what comes from 'the gut' is completely fearless, untamed and COMPLETELY unconcerned with outcomes. It is child-like.

Then immediately a different 'voice' comes in that lists all the reasons why all this fearless 'gut stuff' is definitely a bad idea. The strange thing is that when looking at those voices that warn us and make us hold back closely, it becomes clear that THEY are anything but rational. Are they not, in fact, the most irrational of all? And are they not primarily an expression of (irrational) self-limiting beliefs about our own power? I think we've simply got our labelling all wrong. In a way, the gut is the most rational of all - if by 'rational' we mean true and accurate.

The key question really is - how to trust what on a deep level we know to be true/to be our truth?

It ALL boils down to TRUST ...


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