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It is my passion, mission, talent, and joy to enable you to become the most authentic, unapologetic, wild, passionate, fearless, happy, creative, success- & impactful version of YOU. 

Our world is on fire. I work with leaders and leaders-to-be who are ready and hungry for exponential inner and outer transformation and healing.


Using cutting-edge coaching modalities that literally rewire your brain I facilitate shifts on the deepest unconscious level that are often experienced as profoundly liberating & life-changing that unlock your talents, dormant strengths & full agency.

Working with me you become PEACE- AND JOYFUL WITHIN for no external reasonand thus highly resilient and much more SUCCESS- AND IMPACTFUL without. 


Stop dithering, hoping, and postponing - get unstuck and into action and flow fast. Think bigger, take bold steps, and actually do the damn thing! Accelerate everything you are developing/creating without working more or harder.  

'What is it that makes your heart beat faster? 'What is your highest vision? For yourself? For this world? For women? Your industry? What sets you ablaze, what makes you feel most alive?'

By connecting deeply with and linking what really makes you tick with what this world needs you create a purpose-driven joy- and love-filled life that lights you up without burning out.

Forget safety! Live where you fear to live.

Stop being scared of failure, the future, or the next level of impact and success. 

Lean into the limitlessness of your potential and let the tap overflow - daily, and really live your passion - fully. Be at ease with yourself and be totally, authentically, unapologetically: YOU.

​No. More. Holding. Back.

Too many people live a life full of regrets.

My clients don't.

I am an out-of-the-box coach for out-of-the-box people, ideas, and solutions.

I work with


CEOs | changemakers | thought leaders | entrepreneurs | coaches

people with a bias toward action, purpose, and impact

who are 'thirsty for the sea' and 'mad enough to think that they can change the world'


who long to find meaning, purpose, and a new direction, who want/need to reinvent/rebuild their lives during/after

divorce, burnout, loss, traumatic experiences, full-time parenting, retirement or redundancy 


You long -in some shape or form- to make a much greater positive impact on this world.

Words such as 'radical systems change' and 'fundamental paradigm shifts' excite you and light you up. 

Deep down you know that you are not yet living your full potential and that you can/that you could and want to experience and achieve so much more, and that you have so much more to give.

"Too many people die with their song still inside them." - 

You long to sing your song -fearlessly and fully - but you do not yet know how.

You may have everything on the outside but feel empty, lost, and lonely on the inside. You may long to be at peace and at ease with yourself and others but your work and relationships may feel overwhelming, stressful, empty, joyless, and tough. 
Perhaps you are a successful high achiever or a perfectionist but deep inside feel like an impostor.

Perhaps you are already addressing some of the world's toughest problems, looking them in the eye daily, but you are struggling with the stress that comes with that.

Perhaps painful/traumatic memories are impacting your life, work, and relationships and are holding you back from creating the success and impact you desire. You may feel burnt out, stuck, or not loveable, and struggle to find your purpose and direction.  


Whatever your background and goals, one thing all of my clients have in common is this:

 you are now ready and 100% committed to creating the meaning- and joyful life you really want -

with deeper connections and love, with a clear sense of direction and purpose,

and much greater adventures, positive impact, and success.




Deep Coaching isn't about the quick fix of an isolated topic or identifying SMART goals. 

Instead, we go into the deeper levels of your thinking, beliefs, conditionings, habits, emotions, and unconscious mind. There we initiate profound positive change that is liberating and long-lasting and rekindle the spark in your heart that will light up & transform all aspects of your life.

We meet on Zoom and work together for 6 or 12 months or longer. I speak English and German.

If you are ready, we can also 'turn up the flame': experience 6-months' worth of profound inner transformation and growth in just one in an intensive life-changing coaching adventure walking the Camino de Santiago in France/Spain with me. 


I only work with a small number of people at a time. 


If you are reading this, then it is most likely that someone has sent you my way. 


My clients are either referred to me or individuals who inspire me and whom I invite into a coaching conversation.


 Interested? Curious? Ready? Let's meet!

Schedule a Zoom call with me to find out how coaching can help you create the life you want

and to explore any questions you may have.

or send an email to




TIME FOR A REVOLUTION FROM WITHIN | Mind Mastery Workshops for Teams

New resilience-building strategies and change capabilities that protect the emotional & mental health of individuals & teams, prevent burnout and increase the mental clarity, agility and creativity needed in today's increasingly stressful, fast-changing and uncertain world of work.


A One-Week Retreat/Coaching Intensive in St. Ives, Cornwall

registration for this event is now closed





Stop dwelling on the past & imagining a (scary) future & become fully present right here, right now. Stop negative thought patterns, emotions and outdated limiting self-beliefs. Let go of the pain of difficult/traumatic memories. 
Reconnect with your inner compass and a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Experience you at your purest - discover 
a place of inner peace, wholeness, joy, and power 'beneath' your thinking that does not depend on other people, events & material things in the external world and that does not get disturbed by your own thoughts.

Learn to live your life from there - FROM THE INSIDE-OUT. Learn to lead with your higher Self.



Learn to ignore and silence your (harsh) inner judge, and thus let go of stifling perfectionism and move from stuckness to flow. Remember who you really are.

Learn to love and embrace yourself - your story, your body & your one-in-a-8-billion unique YOU-ness.

Show up fearlessly and unapologetically and dare to bring your whole Self to every table. Dare to be seen. Find an element of fun in everything you do and reconnect with your spontaneity & joy. 

Learn to lead not with your head but your energy and heart.



Your deeper self-acceptance and self-love informs how you show up in all of your relationships. Stop emotionally 'outsourcing' your confidence, happiness, and sense of safety/stop depending on validation from others. Learn to set boundaries, communicate better, connect and love more deeply & find balance in the way you give and receive. Experience a new sense of ease even in your most challenging relationships. Release painful memories. Finally get over your ex. Others can no longer press your buttons! Stop waiting for apologies, let go of the 'what ifs' and 'should/could haves'. Dare to be open again to love.


Expand by doing what scares you. Stop being the best kept secret and become visible. Stop being scared of failure, the future or the next level of impact & success. Update negative/outdated beliefs around money & worth. Fuel your work with passion & purpose. Pitch to clients that inspire and scare you and perform at the peak of your ability. Skip doubt and worry; stop intending, dithering & postponing. Think BIG and take bold steps. Embrace failure and discomfort & thus go further than you ever thought possible. Excel in competitive situations. Learn to pivot fast when required; change your career and/or start a new enterprise at any age. If the role that you want does not yet exist, create it.


Lead with purpose.
Find agency and joy by connecting the things that make your heart beat faster with what this world now so urgently needs.
Embrace uncertainty and not-knowing and create and act decisively and courageously without a perfect strategy or long-term plan; feel the fear and do it anyway! Drop/liberate yourself and others from outdated stifling and toxic (corporate) habits and conditionings. Dare to lead with love.
Develop radical new thoughts. If you can already think it, it is not new. Get fired up by the impossible; stay joyful and resilient by LEADING FROM THE FUTURE and by embodying the energy of the outcome you are aiming to create. 

Become a magnetic (thought-)leader, inspire others to unite around your meaningful goals and expand your -and their- circle of influence.

Working with me you will


burnout, stress, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, shame, painful/intrusive/traumatic memories, self-limiting/self-sabotaging beliefs, fear of public speaking, over-worrying, fear of success, overeating, climate/performance/social media anxiety, somatic pain, and similar. 

I enable you to connect with a sense of deep inner peace, freedom, joy, and agency


and seize any crisis as an opportunity for reinvention and growth.

Laughing Friends
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"You will be imprisoned in a room with a door that is unlocked and opens inwards as long it does not occur to you to pull rather than push."  

I enable you to have shifts in consciousness and significant insights that will uncover blind spots in your vision, expand your map of the world, discover your ability to proactively create new 'doors' - options, opportunities, and pathways that lie beyond your current thinking, and develop and crystallise creative, 
novel, and radical ideas fearlessly. 

And from there drop deeper:

to a place of peace, joy, and power beneath your thinking where you can access timeless wisdom and find answers to your questions within yourself. 

In Deep/Wingwave/EMDR Coaching bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation (through simple eye movements for example) disrupts and literally rewires neural pathways in the brain that are associated with negative habituated thought patterns, beliefs & emotions. In combination with Integrative Hypnosis stuck emotions & challenging memories are reprocessed, the associated tension in the body released, and new positive mental & emotional resources are anchored in instead. Positive changes made to one topic i.e. neural network become generative - requiring the entire brain to update & thus ripple out to other topics and areas in your brain and life.

Very much like an internal software update, this positive reprogramming of the unconscious mind establishes an optimal state of inner peace, clarity, & strength; it is long-lasting and often experienced as profoundly liberating and life-changing..

I teach cutting-edge Mind Mastery Life Skills and tools that enable you to literally rewire your own brain & stop negative beliefs, emotions, habits, and cravings in their tracks, thus substantially reducing the amount of time and energy you 'leak' in negative emotional states, whilst increasing your agency, emotional freedom, and choice in any situation. Working with me you learn meta-cognition -the ability to think about, question, and take full responsibility for/take charge of the roughly 10.000 thoughts that your brain churns out each day.
YOU are NOT your brain!

Mind Mastery skills build your stress resilience, protect your mental & emotional health and enable you to be level-headed, powerful & creative especially when the external world is stressful, fast-changing & uncertain.




Only 20% (!) of individuals and teams reach their full potential. And "too many people die every year with their song still inside them." 


To me, this is SUCH a tragedy - especially at this moment in time where SO much depends on our ability to lean in, step up, and radically reshape how we live on this astonishingly beautiful Earth.


We do know deep down whether we are fully leaning in and 'singing our song' or not. Living a life that is not in alignment with your deeper desires, dreams, and ideas in your heart can breed regret, cause a sense of a life unlived, and can do damage to yourself and others. So ...


what is your song? Are you singing it? Where is your boundary? What would you like to lean into, break through, go beyond, or expand?


Often the very thing we want and long for can feel scary. In fact, fear is often a very accurate compass for -and expression of- your true desire; your fear can point to where your greatest passion and thus your greatest potential lies. "Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom." - S.Kierkegaard


Working with me you remember and then learn to sing your song, and lean into your fears and thus the 'dizzying' limitlessness of your potential. Become a courageous edge-walker and new world creator and embrace the thrill and beauty of uncertainty, expansion, and ongoing (self-)discovery. 


This enables you to 'play a much bigger game', reach exceptional goals, make a much greater positive impact on the world, and thus create a fulfilled and meaningful life you love.


Learning makes us happy & drives productivity. Research shows that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change masters succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

"Too many organizations crashed from the top of their industries because of their inability to both recognize and manage fundamental change."



"Milena altered my life trajectory. I am NOT exaggerating. She is the most incredible coach you could ever work with.

I had a traumatic story that had really limited me in my life and its full impact was hidden even from me. I couldn't speak and my throat would just close up. After only two sessions with Milena, I went from not being able to speak/from literally having a grip on my throat to

giving two talks at MIT, having another talk planned at Oxford University, and I have also just become the host of a live TV show!

I can say categorically that without Milena's help, I would not be doing what I am doing now.

I absolutely and unreservedly recommend working with Milena."

-Mikki Gaffen Stone, Human Design Specialist, Speaker, TV Show Host

"My life has completely changed since I started working with Milena, and now I’m doing what I feel I should have always been doing my whole life, which is my art. I’ve never felt more happy, and more ‘me’ - plus, I’ve got the courage to keep pushing myself forward and taking on new challenges - I’m getting commissions and selling my work! This is the stuff of dreams.

My life is like a dream now, and I never want this feeling to end.

Thank you so much, Milena."

- Bronwen Winter Phoenix, artist, author, and illustrator

“I have done a lot of therapy but being coached by Milena has been the most transformational support I have ever received in my life.

It has been unbelievably helpful. A block around my heart has shifted. My fixation on the past has stopped. My brain is quiet now; the endless chatter, the what-ifs, and the worry have stopped. Things and noises that used to trigger traumatic memories suddenly no longer bother me. When I get frustrated, I now have tools that help me to dissociate from those things and get quiet instantly. I gained clarity and got hugely valuable insights into some of my most challenging relationships. Also, so far in my life, my creativity had always been side-lined. I was always focused on getting the best jobs. I’ve now started to make space and time for myself and for self-care. I’ve started exercising and dancing more and expressing myself. I am now really exploring my creativity – what it means to me. This feels so exciting, like an opening of new doors and I can’t wait to see where this will take me!”

- Harini Nallapothola

"I just had the most incredible, mind-blowing, and spiritual coaching session with the genius Milena Barton.

Wherever you are in the world - if you want to change anything in your life, I cannot recommend working with Milena highly enough.

It truly is like magic."


Dr. Sara Ababneh, Lecturer in International Relations & Politics, University of Sheffield

"I have seen a hell of a lot of therapists and coaches in my life and I have never experienced coaching like this before with such immediate impact. Working with Milena is truly profound. I could actually feel my brain shifting - as if my brain structure was being rearranged physically as if blocks were being reshuffled in my head to let in shafts of light:

I glimpsed emotional freedom.

Now there are these new openings, new spaces that are calming, curious and hopeful.

I touched the quiet center at my core - like the inside of the eye of a storm that is always calm and clear, that remains and sustains despite the storms.

I tapped into that and now live from there.

I have since felt such self-possession that I had been craving for a long time and an enjoyment of being in my brain and myself in a way that I have never felt before. My need to reach out or look for reassurance from others has stopped. I now have a sense of non-neediness and feel compelled to follow my attention and focus on what I am doing without self-judgment.

I am now standing in my Self.

This has changed how I now relate to other people. A challenging relationship that used to be tense and aggravating seamlessly segued into one collaborative and caring. I now ‘keep my side of the street clean’ and recognise nonsense very quickly and set boundaries. When things aggravate me, I know that this is not the story that I want to continue and I am able to pivot. This has had a more profound effect on me than I even realised at first.

I used to diminish myself for not being grown up. I now feel like a woman. There had always been a part of me that felt unsure or dismissive of myself and the things I do. Milena reflected my life back to me and I realised that my life is very beautiful and rich I am actually at a very exciting point in my life - I did not know this before! There are so many things that I want to create, implement, share, and show, and so many connections are coming together.

I am blown away. I inherently adore and trust Milena so much. I am captivated by and have an awe-ed trust of what we did and I am greedy for more! To anybody thinking about working with Milena, I want to say, ‘You have no idea what a profound impact this will have. Absolutely! DO IT! But don’t cut into my time with her!! :-)'

- Eliza Shaw Valk, Artist & Coach 

"My life has completely transformed since I started working with Milena. 

I am a successful entrepreneur who travels the world and has built the life I had always dreamed of. But inside I was deeply troubled.

As a survivor of multiple traumatic events in my life, I thought that traditional therapy was always to be a part of my life and that the pain that I suffered with, would take a lifetime to fully repair, if ever. My 8 months with Milena doing Deep/EMDR coaching has proven that this is a much more deeply effective and efficient way than traditional therapy. I was a skeptic going in but was desperate for transition. Now, I am educated on how the brain works and I now have tools to disrupt the [negative] habitual stories my subconscious mind has created that I can tap into at any time, anywhere, while I am healing.

As a result of this healing, I have lost 55 lbs.

I feel like my younger self again, but smarter, happier, and so equipped to handle life.

I cannot emphasize enough how Deep/EMDR coaching with Milena who is so damned talented at her work,

is the pathway to true inner freedom."


- Tina Daroff Hamilton, CEO 

"As I am working with my own coach, the amazing Milena Barton, I am feeling a lot of inner shifts and shedding.

I just had an amazing session with her and I can feel all these layers shedding ready to be composted down.

She is unlocking a lot of keys for me right now; it is terrifying in a way but also really blissful. How powerful it is to have somebody work with you and help you along that journey! The growth takes on an exponential speed. It's really something else.

- Elodie Mantha, Intergrative Change Worker/Coach

"I’ve had lots of coaches over the last 6 years and I haven’t ever had an experience like this before.

This has been the most powerful coaching that I have ever had in my life. I don’t have higher praise than that. 

There’s something about the way Milena works that is really different.


I often feel like I show up with only one version and aspect of myself. I felt like Milena understood me in a WHOLE sense - my whole self and my whole life experience and story were captured. Milena enabled me to reconnect to and access parts of myself that I hadn’t felt connected to for a long time. I now realise how the very part that I had pushed aside is my superpower. It’s become a really strong resource. This has really stayed with me and is giving me new energy for what I am doing.

I am now feeling so good about an upcoming public speaking event that I had felt stuck and paralysed about. I now feel that I can do this; this is what I am here for. But also generally in my coaching business and within who I am as a person.


During a very intense and profound visualisation [using bilateral stimulation/EMDR] Milena asked me to put my attention on

pain that I’ve had for years and that felt like a shard of glass in my back - and it disappeared! 

I am blown away by the fact that for a whole week after the session, the pain was gone. It did come back after a week but I now realise that the pain is connected to my thoughts and feelings. I am excited by the idea that I can now also address my physical symptoms as well with coaching.


I felt that Milena was so accepting of me; I felt that she really believes in me and my potential.

I loved the scale of where Milena was able to take me in terms of my vision for myself and what I want. It feels very powerful AND sustainable. 

I’ve had euphoric and intense coaching sessions before that felt fantastic in the moment but then always struggled to hold on to these feelings afterward.

Working with Milena is different. This wasn’t just euphoric - something shifted in me. It is something that I can really hold on to, build from, and something that really STAYS with me which is why I feel that working with Milena is such a great investment."

- Alisa Murphy, Climate Tech founder and former CEO, Speaker, Coach

Life is short. Let's make something exceptional happen.

or send an email to


I look forward to the adventure of taking you and your ideas to where you and they really want to be.

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