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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has dramatically transformed our world.


 While it has opened up vast new potential, it has also brought much disruption and turmoil.


In its wake, unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity, volatility, and constant fast-paced and unpredictable change, along with existential challenges, have become our new normal.

Yet we meet this new world with brains that are not too dissimilar from those of our paleolithic ancestors living in caves that still -and now incessantly- trigger our bodies' completely obsolete and inadequate fight/flight/freeze stress reactions. 

These reactions in today's world not only fail to keep us safe but make us ill. They weaken us in exactly those moments when we need our mental clarity and creativity most.

Traditional coping strategies such as working longer, harder, and faster fail in this new environment. Traditional education systems fail to teach adequate new coping strategies and change capabilities.

This situation has created a global mental health crisis that is causing suffering and financial losses on an unprecedented scale.*

It is high time for a '4THSolution' to the mental health challenges in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

*The cost due to staff absences, presenteeism & high staff turnover caused by poor mental health for UK employers alone is a staggering £117bn annuallyStress-related mental health issues are now thought to be responsible for almost half (!) of working days lost in Britain. In 2023 NHS bosses declared this a national emergency.  


workshops & BURNOUT Coaching & PREVENTION for LEADERS & TEAMS

21-sT centuRy Thrival skills for Mental Health, well-being, resilience & success

in a turbulent world




safeguard and nurture the health and well-being and  

help to unlock the full potential, passion, agency, and creative power of individuals and teams in today's increasingly stressful, fast-changing, and uncertain world.

4th Solution Thrival Skills help to ensure that each individual is emotionally fully resourced and rooted in a sense of inner peace, clarity, and calm, and thereby highly resilient and capable of performing sustainably at the peak of their ability.

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we MAKe SURE YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR BUSINESS DO Not just survive but thrive

Without working more, harder,or faster

4THSolution Mind Mastery Skills draw on a wide range of knowledge and disciplines - ranging from cutting-edge neuroscience and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to elements of EMDR Coaching, and timeless meditative and mindful practices. 


4TH Solution Thrival Skills replace outdated coping strategies such as working harder, longer, and faster that fail in today's world.


4TH Solution Thrival Skills can be implemented into daily life without any additional energy or time investment. 


They positively impact a person's personal and professional life. 4TH Solution Thrival Skills are life skills  -

and they are for life. 

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In 4THSOLUTION Thrival Skills/Mind Mastery Workshops individuals and teams LEARN HOW TO 

  • develop metacognition: the ability to think about and take charge of their thinking and emotions and gain greater self-mastery, emotional freedom, and agency by learning how to choose responses instead of acting out automated stress reactions

  • stop anxiety, stress, anger, and panic attacks instantly by literally rewiring the brain - thus substantially reducing the amount of time and energy that is 'leaked' in productivity-decreasing negative emotions and reclaiming valuable time and energy for the development of new ideas, pathways, and solutions

  • tap into an inner source of peace that does not depend on or get disturbed by events in the external world and learn to live life from there/from the inside-out

  • make self-empowering mind shifts and cultivate a resourceful can-do mindset and positive outlook and shift from being problem-focused, passive, and reactive to being potential-/solution-focused and proactive 

  • identify and overcome unconscious self-sabotaging/self-limiting beliefs, fostering a sense of self-acceptance & self-lovewholeness, authenticity, and personal agency

  • develop new change capabilities that increase emotional and mental agility and freedom / recognise & drop outdated habits & conditionings, proactively shape the change process, and be calm, creative, and focused especially when the external world is uncertain, fast-changing, and stressful

  • protect their health and improve performance by influencing the biochemistry in the body /learn how to actively reduce the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and testosterone and promote the release of well-being hormones such as dopamine and serotonin 

  • harness the latent potential and wisdom of the unconscious mind to unlock a wealth of untapped resources that enhance creativity and decision-making capacity and increase productivity by up to 40% 

It's a



An investment in 4thSolution workshops pays off.



SAFEGUARDING & improvING mental, emotional &
physical HEALTH

4thSolution Thrival Skills increase contentment and happiness, help to reduce inflammation, 

increase immunity

improve longevity,

build resilience, 

and prevent burnout.


4th Solution Thrival Skills increase motivation, concentration, creativity, efficiency, as well as mental and emotional agility, 

problem-solving capacity and overall productivity. 

Goals are reached faster without working harder.



4th Solution Thrival Skills foster crucial emotional intelligence- & soft skills such as empathy, curiosity, compassion and diplomacy and help to create emotional safety and a culture of well-being in which people thrive.

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Increased wellbeing leads to lower rates of absenteeism, a decrease in staff absences, and reduced staff turnover, thereby decreasing mental health-related costs.

 4th Solution Workshops cultivate purpose-led, critical, creative, and innovative thinking, along with the wisdom, fearlessness, compassion and courage that are essential drivers of the fundamental systems change we now urgently need.

"The key to mastering the challenges -and to the potential in today's world- lies in the mastery of our mind and in making the heart the compass for our decision-making."

“Increasingly, the economic forces are driving you to do the right thing. Everywhere we look, the financial cost of not acting is higher than the cost of acting.

We are moving - but we are not moving fast enough.


Unless we unlock our humanity and start to care again, we will not find the answers that we desperately need.”

- Paul Polman, Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce 

camino de santiago

Coaching with me is a SoulJourney that is about Leading from a place of wholeness within.

Come Home to your Self.

6-12month coaching programmes

Burnout as an Opportunity for Reinvention and Growth




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Get in touch to find out more - schedule a call or send an email to

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