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I feel happiest in the zone that lies beyond the boundary of my current knowledge, conditionings, routines and 'map of the world - where life is wild, fresh and as-yet-unknown, and full of potential and possibilities that are about to be discovered and created. I struggle when life becomes predictable.


I get inspired and fired up by what is impossible. I love radical thinking and working with heart-driven, passionate & creative people; people who are mad enough to think that they can change the world - people who, as Rumi puts it, 'are thirsty for the sea'.

Life to me is an adventure. Or rather: when it is an adventure, then it is alive. Art, travel, learning about science and philosophy, meditation, teaching, and coaching -enabling others to lean fully into their fears and potential- are areas in life and activities that create my oxygen and give me a deep sense of meaning. My work as an artist can be seen here: .

My love for change, adventure, and the unknown has led me to travel, work and live in many different countries and on different continents, including two life-changing years in Kathmandu/Nepal that have left a deep imprint on my soul. They have become my measure of just how alive life can be.

I am the mother of two teenage sons. We have shared many unforgettable adventures - such as trekking in some of the remotest regions in the Himalayas, driving across Tanzania and Malawi in -and sleeping on top of- land rovers, and travelling in an American RV across southern Europe for nine months.


I am currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.




find the silent power

know the power that comes form your pain

I have an MA in Fine Art and am a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Wingwave/EMDR Coach. I am a member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany.


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