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4th Solution



  • new resilience-building skills & strategies 

  • burnout prevention & recovery

  • new change capabilities 

protecting the mental health & wellbeing and unlocking the power, passion and full potential of leaders & teams

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has dramatically changed our world, at a speed that has outpaced our brains' ability to adequately evolve and adapt. We find ourselves facing this new 21st-century world with brains that are not too dissimilar to those of our palaeolithic ancestors living in caves, which were designed to keep us physically safe in case of an animal attack.

Today, as we are no longer confronted with tigers and bears but instead with technology, vast amounts of information, computer screens, social media, advertising, constant fast-paced change, unprecedented levels of uncertainty, volatility & complexity -and with an existential global threat to our existence- the mismatch between our 'palaeolithic' brains and our world is causing trouble.

The now catastrophically outdated 'software' of our brains still responds to today's challenges by incessantly triggering the now completely obsolete fight/flight/freeze stress reactions. In today's world, they not only fail to keep us safe but instead make us ill. 


Leading to mental health problems such as chronic stress, anger, anxiety, and even burnout, depression and trauma, they undermine and weaken our ability to be the level-headed, creative, fearless, critical and powerful thinkers and decision-makers that we today so urgently need to be. 


It is HIGH time for a fundamental 'software update'.


This is what 4THSolution workshops offer.

The key to mastering the challenges in today's world lies in the mastery of our own mind -

and in making the heart the compass for our decision-making.





21st-century Thrival Skills 

For Mental Health, Wellbeing, ResiliencE & SUCCESS


In 4thSolution Workshops, participants learn transformational Mind Mastery Skills which substantially reduce the amount of time and energy that is spent in reactive, negative & productivity-decreasing emotional states such as stress, anger and anxiety.


In turn, Mind Mastery Skills increase mental clarity and the time and energy that thus become available for the proactive development of new ideas, options and solutions. 

Participants learn metacognition - to question and think about their own thinking. Understanding how our thinking causes our emotions and creates our reality enhances a sense of agency and ownership over our lives, deepens self-knowledge and increases self-mastery. 

Because learning goes deeper when it is enjoyable, 4TH Solution Workshops are engaging, interactive and fun. Participants are enabled to have profound insights, 'lightbulb moments' and shifts in their thinking that allow them to instantly experience their positive effect.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 09.24.39.png

Participants learn to develop essential mental self-care strategies that establish and strengthen the connection to a sense of stillness, calm and peace deep within and cultivate a positive attitude and a can-do mindset and outlook. 

4TH Solution Workshops & Mind Mastery Skills

  • protect the mental health of individuals

  • prevent the build-up of stress, anxiety & the risk of burnout

  • build stress resilience

  • increase mental clarity, creativity and productivity

  • increase a person's ability to face and embrace today's challenges with fearlessness and courage 

  • increase enthusiasm, joy and inspiration

  • have a positive impact on a person's physical health as a result of their improved mental health


4TH Solution Mind Mastery Skills have a positive impact on a person's professional and personal life.


Wingwave®/EMDR coaching restores the emotional balance and mental clarity of individual staff members who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, PTSD and similar.


Using a simple muscle test, Wingwave® coaching pinpoints the specific stressors that may disturb a person's emotional and mental wellbeing, removes those stressors and installs positive inner resources on the deepest unconscious level. 

Wingwave coaching quickly helps to restore and create an optimal inner state of calm and mental clarity and enables a person to perform at the peak of their ability.

By protecting and restoring the wellbeing of your staff 4TH Solution Workshops & Coaching boost productivity, enhance your organisation's attractiveness and help to increase your employee retention rate. 

 the annual cost of poor mental health for UK employers is £42bn to £45bn | a £6bn or 16% – the increase in cost of poor mental health since 2017 | £7bn – the cost of absences due to mental health issues | £27bn to £29bn – the cost of presenteeism | 9% – those who disclosed a mental health problem who were dismissed, demoted or disciplined | £9bn – the cost of staff turnover due to mental health issues | one in six workers will experience a mental health problem at any one time | stress is now thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues.





It is my mission to make transformational mental health know-how and support accessible throughout your organisation, 

and to contribute to building a vibrant and supportive organisational culture in which

mental health care is understood to be as absolutely essential, normal, fun & enjoyable as eating, sleeping and breathing. 





away from the depletion of human and our natural resources towards a new wholesome & balanced existence in which

our natural and our inner resources are respected, protected, nourished and restored.



“Human beings are not problems waiting to be solved, but potential waiting to unfold.”


get in touch to find out more - send an email to

Your people are your most important asset.

An investment in 4th solution workshops & coaching pays off.

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