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The last time I lit a fire like this was when I melted my wedding ring a few years ago. With a blow torch and expecting the gold to take ages to melt, I watched in astonishment as the ring morphed into a dirty-looking tiny blob within less than a second. WHoosh! 23 years of marriage - GONE. Forever. Today's fire marks a similar end - and a new beginning.

I have decided to burn the notes that I had taken in over 20 years of working as an artist -my previous incarnation. Several folders full of thoughts and ideas that once felt like they embodied my very own essence are going up in flames. Whoooooosh! GONE. It feels surprisingly easy. It is a radical beginning more than an end - a radical shift of focus that -given what is at stake- feels like a small price to pay. WITH OUR WORLD ON FIRE my decision to close the door on art completely and instead work exclusively as a coach is driven by the stark realisation that THIS is *NOT* a time to retreat into my studio and painstakingly carve shapes from wood over months and years on end. I passionately LOVE and believe in the power of art. In fact, art was once my oxygen. Today it is clear that if we do not act, if we do not individually and collectively step up and focus all of our efforts on fixing this world then there WILL be no more of anything. NO MORE art. No more museums. No more of any of this beauty. By burning those notes I commit to devoting the rest of my life to doing all that is in my power to contribute to the healing of this world. My unique talent and power (and joy) is unlocking yours. I shall do everything I can to maximize my impact in this way and all other ways that I do not yet know of. We need to be much faster than we are, we need many more people to make this kind of shift. When we get together and focus on the same bigger goal, we can make extraordinary things happen. Let's align our purpose, let's work together in every way possible. What change are YOU committing to? What have you STOPPED doing? What have you STARTED doing? What steps are you taking to meet this extraordinary challenge? #startinganewage #healing #climatechange #steppingup #commitment #purpose #art #lettinggo


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