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This is me in my previous incarnation - living and working as an artist in Kathmandu. It was one of the wildest, most extraordinary and profoundly -if not deliriously!- happy times in my life.

From my time in Nepal I know what it means to live life absolutely free from mental, emotional, material and spiritual clutter and to be acutely 100% absolutely FULLY alive with every cell in my body and soul.

I know EXACTLY what it takes to feel that way.

I also know exactly what needs to be removed to feel that way.

I know that during my time in Nepal, because of this complete absence of clutter, I accessed a highest form of concentration.

And through that I was able to access a part deep within myself ... another world -a literal otherworld- and the notes that I took (two yellow, thick and overflowing Leitz folders still covered in precious wood dust) during that time and the sculptures I made speak of that world directly. When I look at them I feel shaken and touched by my own ... Self.

In our daily lives 'here' so much clutter, countless distractions and often so soooo much focus on the sheer maintenance and acquisition of dead matter can make it difficult if not impossible to get in touch with that 'otherworld' within.

I believe with all of my heart that this otherworld holds our purpose, essence and meaning. It is the source of our deepest joy, true power and potential.

Any sense of regret and exhaustion that builds up in y/our lives is an expression of the enormous effort it takes to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this calling from deep inside y/our own within.

You KNOW deep down -right here, right now- whether you are, or are not, listening to its call and directives.

Are you?

Are you not?

Yet we fear this inner world.

We think that it is safer (or easier?) to follow what's out there and simply slot into the forms and norms we have been born into.

"WHAT IF THERE IS NOTHING THERE / AT MY CORE?" I often hear my clients say.

And out of THIS fear exhaust their energy in trying to secure their inner world from without - jobs, money, relationships, clothes, things. But it never arrives.

I wonder- is that REALLY easier?

INSTEAD of "What if there is nothing there?" isn't the much more urgent question:


And you are never ever looking for it THERE - ???


At its core this essence/YOUR essence is creative.

The laws and the grammar of your life come from YOUR OWN within.


I have many powerful tools in my toolbox as a coach.

But these tools somehow fade in the face of the sheer and raw power of the essence that is already within you.

You can live your most powerful life by starting to focus on THAT.

This essence wants to and is dying to be witnessed and seen.

Not having your deepest essence witnessed and seen and expressed is the deepest loneliness we can experience.

Yet having it witnessed and seen brings it / brings your soul’s knowledge to the surface and unfolds it in this world. Joy is your compass. Excitement and thrill are Ariadne's thread.

In essence, it is THIS process that I facilitate. It's like a mirror in which you can see, get in touch with and feel your essence within - and then start to create from there. Reaching through the clutter, illusions and layers, through all that is NOT you, to the real world of your unique essence. This is where you are and become powerful beyond measure.

This, in essence, is what 'Deep Coaching' is to me.

And THIS essence is what I am here for -in this world- and offer to you as a coach.

Much love to you, Milena


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