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HAVE YOU FOUND YOURS? Finding your IKIGAI is like finding a treasure, joy and power like no other. You won't ever find it on the outside. It's inside; it lies deep inside your heart.

And yours is ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE to YOU and you alone.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we EACH HAVE our own unique Ikigai - but not all of us find it. Or dare even search for it.

If you have not yet found yours, know that JOY is your compass.

It's connected to and comes from the thing that makes your heart beat faster, that makes you feel FULLY alive, and that fills your whole body with a sense of aliveness, joy, and expansion.


"Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, TRUST THAT." !!!


Yet we are SO deeply socially conditioned to mistrust joy.

The strict work-life separation that has been drilled into us -often with so little life left in work- makes us believe that life is what happens after 5pm and on weekends.

If it's fun and joyful, it can't possibly be work, right? Hence the stress, exhaustion, depletion, disconnection, and alienation that too many of us experience.

Finding your Ikigai requires that you TUNE INTO WHAT YOUR SOUL DIRECTS.

This also requires unplanned and unstructured times when you don't work, don't consume, don't get entertained, and just become still, listen inwards, and have time and space to BE.

The 4 parts that make up Ikigai seem and look equal.

But personally, I don't think they are.

When you find what you LOVE doing, when you find what makes you feel alive, and when THIS 'overlaps' with WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS - *THEN* you will be exceptionally good at it. Then you will get paid for it.

And equally, if we do something that damages the world and our collective, we do damage to ourselves.


When your individual passion benefits the whole, this lights a spark that has a power like no other.

No matter what we focus on -whether it is problem-solving in your business, your personal relationships, or Climate change- when we lead with the energy of THIS SPARK then we are infinitely more powerful.

So NOT to lead with the energy of the problem - scarcity, hardship, challenge.

But to lead with the energy of this inexplicable source that we can get in touch with within.

I believe in the power of this. I witness its impact on my life and on my clients' lives daily. Helping others find theirs is part of my Ikigai.

I'd love to hear your thoughts: Have you found YOUR Ikigai?

If yes, how did you find it? How do you KNOW that you have found it? How do you know that you have not yet found it?


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