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There's much talk of the need for #resilience these days. But what does it actually mean and how do we build it? Here's my (inexhaustive) list:

RESILIENCE MEANS understanding that the past is dead & the future NEVER exists -they are only ever imaginary 'movies' in my mind; they are THOUGHTMARES that are as 'real' as the nightmares in my sleep

RESILIENCE MEANS knowing how to 'wake up' by returning to the present moment which is generally always safe and the ONLY moment we ever truly experience RESILIENCE MEANS understanding that it is not possible to be stressed and anxious when totally present in THIS moment RESILIENCE MEANS being able to drop all thoughts that want the world, myself & others to be different from what they factually ARE RESILIENCE MEANS finding peace by LOVING WHAT IS at any moment with everything in it. RESILIENCE MEANS understanding that only radical acceptance liberates me from what I can't accept; that acceptance allows me to move on & CREATE the change/the life I want RESILIENCE MEANS CHOOSING to not be a victim no matter what has happened to me & TO BECOME the owner & THE CREATOR of my own story RESILIENCE MEANS understanding that CREATION *IS* change and REQUIRES UNCERTAINTY; learning to embrace and LOVE uncertainty as one of the most exciting modes of existence. RESILIENCE MEANS questioning my own thinking / not believing each of the over 10.000 thoughts the autopilot/survival part of my brain produces each day. RESILIENCE MEANS learning to drop thoughts that cause difficult emotions & at any moment be able to tap into the sense of calm and inner peace that is always there like a quiet lake as if 'underneath' my thinking RESILIENCE MEANS knowing how to drop right down to the core of a painful/difficult emotion -hatred, fear, anger etc-, to discover the higher intention at its core (trying to keep you safe) and then to find an alternative behaviour that actually satisfies this higher intention

RESILIENCE MEANS living directly from my higher intention

RESILIENCE MEANS being able at any moment to tap into the wisdom of my heart and my gut

RESILIENCE MEANS knowing that my happiness does NOT depend on my relationship status, bank account, house, global politics etc./ it DOES *NOT* DEPEND ON THINGS, PEOPLE, & EVENTS IN MY EXTERNAL WORLD.

RESILIENCE MEANS remembering that I have all the answers to all of my questions within myself.

RESILIENCE MEANS understanding that joy is truth/joy is an infallible compass. - 'Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust THAT." -Rumi

RESILIENCE MEANS my curiosity is greater than my fears

RESILIENCE MEANS getting totally comfortable with being uncomfortable ALL of the time'; when I feel uncomfortable when I try something new, to not make this mean that I am bad at it, but that all it means is that I am growing.

RESILIENCE MEANS knowing that there *IS* NO failure - just feedback!


I could go on!!!

What does resilience mean to YOU?

What would you add?

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