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FINALLY!!! Now, age 54, my life is now NEARLY back to what it was like when I was 25 -really, truly- AND I LOVE IT! I am finally back to cooking nothing but 2 boiled eggs with mayonnaise for dinner. Instead of holding food for 4, my fridge can finally serve its ultimate purpose again:

cool film rolls, carrots, and white chocolate! YAAYYYY!!!

I am back to pondering and dreaming about where I will move to next - which city, country, or continent would be amazing to experience? The world is such a big and interesting place - perhaps I will decide on Barcelona? Or give Berlin another go? Or maybe even better - finally check out LA?


And as I am about to move house yet AGAIN (I think this must be at least my 34th move) I am FINALLY -after having owned a house and a lot of stuff over the last 20 years - now back to fitting everything I own into one really small white van.

Once more I own next to nothing - and I feel liberated and free.

I am always happiest when I am totally unencumbered by the material world and when I carry next to nothing.

(When we moved to Nepal for 2 years when my children were little - we only took one bag each - the children had a bag each full of Lego and books, I had a bag full of woodcarving tools and books, and my now ex-partner a bag full of outdoor gear and climbing equipment - and the house we moved into was completely empty…THAT whole scenario was my ideal; it was a dream.)

The very few material things I treasure -apart from books of course!- are small treasures I have picked up along the way such as this small stone that I bought many years ago in Kathmandu.

I love looking at it.

Which side of the stone best illustrates the idea of HOME ?

I know which side I pick!!


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