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This morning at a networking event I tried to sum up what I do in a nutshell.

I was inspired by how Nature in autumn literally encapsulates the future in a myriad of different seeds. This small acorn seed in the palm of my hand holds within itself the information for an entire future oak tree that in turn will produce thousands of new acorns, each of which again will contain a future oak tree and so on. It really is awe-inspiring when you think about it.

It seems to me that as human beings, we are exactly like that - seeds full of DORMANT potential.

YET whilst in one sense this is true, we are also very different from the acorn. Deep inside each human being -deep inside of YOU- there is an absolutely UNIQUE and brilliant essence, story, myth and absolutely unique potential, talents and strengths at y/our core that allows us/that allows YOU to depart from nature's -and society's- patterns.

This essence and core holds the key to your sense of purpose, fulfilment, joy and meaning in life.

(Strangely, however, we are also the only species capable of preventing our own flowering. All too often we fall back into patterns - social conditionings, follow perceived expectations and patterns in our unconscious mind etc- and then go through life -and may die- without ever having explored, let alone expressed, our true essence and unique potential.

Too many people die with their song still inside of them!)

What is the thing that makes YOUR heart beat faster? Do you know what it is? What sets you ablaze, what makes you feel most alive?

As a coach, it is my passion, mission, talent, and joy to enable you to find and connect deeply with your core, with what *really* makes you tick and make THIS the compass for your decision-making.

I enable you to bring your unique brilliance and essence to the surface and manifest them in the external world.

Working with me you will liberate yourself from obstacles and layers in your inner world -such as self-limiting beliefs, challenging memories, negative emotional states etc.- that may block and undermine your raw power, unique beauty and potential.

'When you [connect to your core and you] stand in your power, you choose and create options that light you up, take the path that makes you burn the brightest and fills your whole body with energy and expansion.

And when you do, the world changes. That is what will deliver you to your own unique destiny.' (-K.Urbaniak)

In my own -and my client’s- experience, high achievements and success in the external world are always the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of going deep, tending to and unfolding the power of this core.


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