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We go to bed, wake up and go through the day.

Then we go to bed again and wake up and go through the day again - without any noticeable change at all between one day and the next.

Every day we still look the same, do the same thing, think more or less the same or similar thoughts. Change between one day and the next is imperceptible.

Yet on the whole we go through this massive transformation - from tiny newborn, to toddler, to teenager, to young adult and so on with massive shifts in consciousness, ability and so on.

All change that we desire in our lives happens exactly like that.

We often long for change, growth and success that never seem to come fast enough; often it can be frustrating and feel like there's no progress at all despite working so hard towards something all of the time.

Next time you feel impatient or frustrated because change isn't coming fast enough remember this - how you went to bed every night as a baby and now wake up in an adult body. Real and deep transformation happens exactly like that - imperceptibly one day, one night, one step, one task, one thought at a time...

When we are finally able to see it we think that it has arrived 'suddenly' or with a massive delay - whereas in fact, the fundamental change we long for only ever and always only happens right here, right NOW, at THIS very -imperceptible- moment as we are taking this tiny next step...


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