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When your horse changes because *YOU* HAVE MADE #SHIFTS IN YOUR #UNCONSCIOUS MIND then you know that something very magical is happening... This is what happened last week - after a session with someone I coached for the first time, they messaged me to say that their horse -which had been showing difficult behaviour and that they had been afraid to ride because of that- suddenly was very different and that they had just had the most amazing ride together - ! Everything felt clearer, the 'stickiness' that had been there before had gone and they were able to conjure up a visualisation that had come up during our session that enabled them to immediately shake off any tension that otherwise might have gotten between them and the horse. The horse responded to the shifts that had happened in this person's unconscious mind...!!! I just LOOOOVE how this so SO beautifully illustrates the immediate resonance between our inner world and the 'outer' world - i.e. the inner world of other BEings!! How we all seem to exist as if in ONE FIELD OF #CONSCIOUSNESS and what we hold in our unconscious mind either gets in the way and disconnects us OR enables us to be ONE and AT ONE in this field together. Animals -especially horses- have a 6th sense for our inner world. Other human beings, especially children, sense it, too. For me, there is a deeper message here about our essential #interconnectedness and #interdependence in this world. And that, in order to heal the outer world, we can and perhaps must start WITHIN. It is the inner shifts that facilitate the most significant shifts on the outside. I see this so often how making shifts WITHIN INSTANTLY changes how OTHER people relate to the person who has been coached/who has been making these shifts. I am utterly in awe and feel humbled to be witnessing and facilitating this ... and being in this field with my clients... how we open this field and hold it open together and thus also open it up to others. #ONENESS #BEINGATONE It is pure #magic. #transformational #transformationalcoaching #deepcoaching #coaching #emdr #emdrcoaching #fyp #innerpeaceouterpower


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