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When this photo was taken my life as I knew it was falling apart.

The events at the time were so disorientating and devastating that I developed PTSD. YET and AND - WHILST all of this was going on, on THIS journey, I experienced some of the most profound and happiest moments in my life. How is this possible? And why am I writing about this?

To me, what I experienced on this journey is a blueprint for how to be -and how to BE HAPPY- and THUS INFINITELY MORE POWERFUL in today's world that is full of existential uncertainty, suffering and seemingly unsolvable problems.

It touched the essence of what is available to all of us - an essence that can help us to not only stay rooted and sane but also joyful and fulfilled WHILST living in this turbulent, chaotic and stressful world. When we throw ourselves into a physical adventure and journey that is full of uncertainty, and physically removed from our normal comforts, roles, habits, identity and routines, every single step we take is vibrant and fresh and rich with surprises and new discoveries.

Stepping off the stage of our normal lives into unknown terrain we are forced back into ACUTE PRESENCE that leaves no space for the story and the drama of our own -remembered and projected- suffering. Thus we drop it. And drop into, and reconnect with, the part within that is completely untouched by what happens and has happened to us. Into a place within where nothing can be added or taken away, where we are already WHOLE and where nothing needs fixing. Where YOU don't need fixing.

This is where you reconnect to your power. From there you can see and redirect and reinvent your story with clarity, creativity, curiosity and passion. From there you know how to meet any challenge with playfulness, wisdom and infinite resourcefulness.

We tend to call what happens in this kind of process 'healing' but, in its very essence, it really is the EMERGENCE of who you already truly *really* are. Reconnecting you to THIS is the essence of what I do.


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